Gerben Zaagsma

Core areas

I am a historian with two main research and teaching interests:

  • modern European Jewish history (including Yiddish Studies)
  • digital humanities and digital history

Within the project The diaries of Anne Frank. Research—Translations—Critical Edition I am responsible for the annotations of the new critical edition. At the same I will contribute a chapter on wartime Yiddish diaries to our planned research monograph.

I hold a Ph.D. in modern history from the European University Institute in Florence, Italy, and my thesis will be published with Bloomsbury Academic in 2015/2016 as ‘Jewish volunteers, the International Brigades and the Spanish Civil War (1936-39)’.

In addition to my work in Jewish social and political history, I am particularly interested in the methodological implications of using new technologies in historical research and writing. Within this context I guest-edited a special issue of BMGN – Low Countries Historical Review on digital history that was published in december 2013.


Selected Publications:

  • Jewish Volunteers, the International Brigades and the Spanish Civil War (Bloomsbury Academic; London, forthcoming).
  • “On Digital History”, BMGN – Low Countries Historical Review 128/4 (2013) 3-29.
  • “Die Botwin Kompagnie” in: Dan Diner ed., Enzyklopädie jüdischer Geschichte und Kultur (Stuttgart; J.B. Metzler Verlag, 2011) 392-397.
  • “Public history beyond the State: Presenting the Yiddish Past in Contemporary Europe” [Italian, English version here], Memoria e Ricerca: Rivista di storia contemporanea 37 (2011) 129-142.
  • “The Local and the International — Jewish Communists in Paris between the Wars”, Simon Dubnow Institute Yearbook 8 (2009) 345-363.